We are Reticulum
Invest with us – with purpose: real estate, food, agriculture and cutting-edge technologies.
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We invest in infrastructure
Together we create environments that empower business and lives. We build spaces where industry thrives and where businesses feel at home. We offer people unparalleled retail experience in our shopping malls and parks. Our international airport is a gateaway to the skies.
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Modern agriculture and quality food
Good farming practices anchor the quality and affordability of our food as well as the stewardship of the land that sustains our lives. We operate precision, automated and sustainable agriculture.
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Investing in technologies of the future
Embracing modern technology, we foster ideas and innovations that propel us forward and open new frontiers for everyone.
Real estate
Food and agriculture
3.5 +
billion EUR AUM
1150 +
years in the market
We are Reticulum
We go beyond your expectations. Our commitment goes beyond funding — we nurture our projects with support and mentorship backed by over 32 years of market mastery. Everything we do we do with passion.
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Real Estate
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Lighthouse Waterfront Towers
We build infrastructure
for life